How to pick a bikini bottom

We all have different body shapes and sizes, at SOPHiA we try to be inclusive for all women. It is important to know which designs will show off your figure they way you desire. There are different ways to draw attention or distract the eye! Shapes, patterns, volume, materials and styles can do all of that. The key is knowing which parts you want highlighted, and which colors and styles will fit you the best.♥️

Make yourself stand out!
A shaped body

If you have an A Shaped Body here’s some tips for you! For the girls with a Smaller Bust, Rounder Hips and Booty.

The tip is to go for the slimmer bikini bottoms. By choosing our high-cut designs in medium coverage or tanga-style bottoms, your body will appear slimmer and your legs will be elongated.
We recommend experimenting with colors that best suits your hair and skin-tone.

V Shaped Body

If your physique is more of a V-shape, meaning you have broad shoulders and slip hips here are some tips for you!

We recommend choosing bikini bottoms that accentuate your waist. Treat yourself to one of our medium coverage bikinis, patterned, or some with details like ruffles with volume and our designs that include braids!

H Shaped Body

For the beautiful Women and Girlies who have shoulders and hips the same width.

We recommend accentuating your femininity, and go for either two piece bikini or a v shaped swimsuit. A top that ties in the back will make your figure appear more curvy. A swimsuit designed in a V will give the illusion of a curved body as well. Our Tops has chic details such as, ruffles, our sailor inspired braids and golden rings will draw the eye to your bust.