At SOPHiA all prints are made with eco-ink, so its not just our fabrics that are sustainable. The sustainable hygiene liners are on all of our swimwear. When receiving your SOPHiA order, you'll be receiving our packaging bags are recycled plastic made to keep with you! Our shipment boxes and signature tissue paper are made out of recycled paper. The SOPHiA production teams, automatically donates proceeds from every design and order, to Grassroots Organizations. Grassroots Organization supports the work environment, women's access to education and those in need. SOPHiA’s production team makes sure to raise the standards for every woman, their health and income in the production industry. ROLE Foundation runs a zero waste facility and environmental development program that SOPHiA’s production teams works with. ROLE Foundation vision is to support zero waste to oceans and sustainable businesses for coastal communities. They also regularly educate the staff on how to keep the environment in mind, around waste management and more.


SOPHiA’s women's swimwear is made using recycled fabric ECONYL. SOPHiA’s upcoming mens swimwear will be made of American REPREVE.

Let’s help clean the ocean and look hot while doing it!


Order your swimwear and you'll receive your own PVC plastic SOPHiA pouch! The signature SOPHiA pouch is meant to be saved and can be reused for your own liking. Bring it with you to the beach or pool, to keep the your bag dry.

Shipping boxes & Tissue paper

Custom design by Sophia Nathalie, our tissue paper is designed with our anchor logo on silky paper, made from recycled paper. SOPHiA’s cardboard shipping box, designed with the our logo on the outside and anchor logo on the inside also made from recycled material.

Order your swimwear and get your own PVC plastic SOPHiA pouch, made for saving and reuse!
Bring it with you to the beach or pool and keep the rest of your bag dry